Unlocking Org Capacity with Better Volunteer Retention (Video)

Sue Carter Kahl, Sue Carter Kahl Consulting Curt Luthye, American Red Cross, San Diege/Imperial Counties Chapter

Retention is often an afterthought in strategic planning. As a result, organizations can miss the myriad ways that a retention focus can lead to greater volunteer satisfaction; smooth out the highs and lows of volunteer recruitment, training and onboarding; and how “good” retention can build brand loyalty that benefits the organizations in unexpected, yet highly tangible, ways for years! This interactive session is based on a year-long evaluation of volunteer retention. Blending lessons learned from that project with the latest retention research, the facilitators will work with attendees to identify how to define volunteer retention in meaningful ways. They will then build on those definitions to position the volunteer function as a way to deepen and enhance engagement with the organization overall. The session includes brief presentations of research interspersed with small and large group discussions and independent work using exercises that support participants in crafting an improved retention plan.

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