Mythbusting 101: Toppling the Top 5 Myths of Volunteer Engagement (Video)

Beth Steinhorn, VQ Volunteer Strategies

So often, decisions around volunteers and volunteer engagement are based on myth rather than reality. What myths does organizational leadership hold and how do those misconceptions affect budgeting, resources and more? How does misinformation influence funding decisions of grantmakers? Which myths affect you daily? As an engagement professional, you have a powerful opportunity to challenge – and correct – misconceptions. In this session, we will explore five commonly held myths by identifying who holds on to these ideas, the risks of allowing them to persist and strategies to debunk them. Participants will leave with a greater understanding of misconceptions about volunteer engagement; learn about research and messaging to help challenge them; discover tools they can begin to use in their work, such as Return on Volunteer Investment and the Value of Volunteering Wheel which clearly demonstrate the potential of strategic investment; and gain a new network of peers with whom to share the challenges and triumphs of debunking engagement myths. Participants will also be invited to share additional myths they encounter and brainstorm tactics to address those as well. This session is designed for new or early stage engagement professionals to introduce them to these concepts and broaden their perspective on the power and potential of their work.