CSR for HR: What can we Learn from a 10,000 Mile Happiness Walk

Susan Schuster, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota

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Join a small panel of board members from Gross National Happiness USA as they share recent research findings and analysis from a 10,000 Happiness Walk across the USA. With growing interest from governmental agencies and businesses across the world, the use of subjective well-being is still in its infancy in the United States. The potential to leverage human happiness as a source for taking action and partnering on community needs is also a beneficial business strategy. Engaged purpose-driven employees are productive, happy employees, yielding the ultimate triple win - for individuals, the company and the community. 

Map your own happiness science strategy to take back to your own organizations and communities to drive people-powered change.

Tonisha Landry

Sr. Director, Events, Points of Light

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Go to the profile of Jennifer Lawson
10 months ago

What are our values? 


Go to the profile of John Miller
10 months ago

Thank you; a brilliant idea to find out what makes people (or at least the two thousand interviewed) happy.  Social connectedness comes on strong; that bodes well for volunteering!

Go to the profile of JANE DEMPSEY
10 months ago

Social connectedness takes on a different meaning now

Go to the profile of Shelisa Williams
10 months ago

Great presentation how can you bring value to your work.. Incorporating from all cultures, bringing back to your business, your community and bringing value into what you do.. Thank you all!