All That We Share Empowering Multi-Generaltional Service Teams for Impact (Video)

Chelsea Williams, College Code LLC

today's organizations are made up of up to 5 unique generations? These generations hold varying views of work and success. A major pitfall in driving strong communication are the assumptions and generalizations often made about each generation. 

Through the lens of diversity and inclusion, this session will highlight best practices for age-inclusive collaboration which leads to more productive and innovative service teams. With a stronger understanding of each other, volunteers can better serve mission and drive impact.

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Go to the profile of Valerie Henderson
over 2 years ago

There were some very good points of connection or finding common ground for knowledge and experiences on both side of the spectrum.  Thank you     Valerie H

Very helpful.

Go to the profile of Amy Holland
over 2 years ago

Very engaging and insightful, even in video format! Highly relevant and important topic. Thank you, Chelsea.