Elder Paula Tolefree

Executive Social Ambassador Leader Volunteer, Democrat National Committee
  • Democrat National Committee

Years in Nonprofit or Corporate Citizenship

1-5 years

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Board Service Corporate Volunteerism & Engagement Disaster Preparedness, Response & Recovery Environment Event Planning Family Volunteering Fundraising Hunger Nonprofit Management Nonprofit Capacity Building Poverty & Homelessness Skills-Based Volunteering Training Volunteer Management

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Community Development & Revitalization Environmental Services Hunger Military & Veterans Services Skills-Based Volunteering or Pro Bono Senior Services

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76+ employees

Recent Comments

Sep 05, 2022

I  have  started a  children  military  ministry and  I  want  to  learn all  I  could  to help  them  with new  ideas, so, I  will  follow.  Blesses!

Sep 05, 2022

Because  of  the  crisis  of  Coronavirus  in  our  community,  we  are  still  living  in  spaces.  far  away  from  each  other and a lot  of   people went  homeless  living  on  our  sidewalks  needing  help  because  of  their  disease  they  have  and  little  space available  because  of  the  large epidemic  crisis  of Coronavirus.  And  it  can be  a  little  fearful    of  being  exposed  to  this  disease  if  someone  wishes  to  help.  We  been  through  a lot  to  help  others  get  well and   others  stay  well,  but,  it  is so much  more  we  have  to  do  in order for  all of  us  to  be  safe.  God  be  with  us but,  we  also  have to be  with   Him.  Amen