Susan Wolford

Volunteer Services Manager, Columbus Metropolitan Library
  • Columbus Metropolitan Library
  • 614-849-1055
  • United States of America

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16+ years

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Diversity and Inclusion Education & Literacy Event Planning Marketing and Communications Measurement & Evaluation Nonprofit Management Nonprofit Capacity Building Program & Project Management Poverty & Homelessness Training Volunteer Management Youth Development

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Diversity and Inclusion Education & Literacy Immigrant & Refugee Services Nonprofit Capacity Building Poverty & Homelessness Public Safety Volunteer Management

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76+ employees

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Recent Comments

May 13, 2021

Exactly. Well stated. Thank you! 

I've been on both sides of this story. When I was in the corporate world I knew our project had to meet their needs, but now from the nonprofit side no one wants to take that into consideration. I'm tired of working to lineup a project only to find it wasn't sexy enough for the corporate group, but they won't call me to let me know. Or lining up a group only for them not to show up.