Faiza Venzant

GM, Volunteer Development, YMCA of Greater Toronto
  • YMCA of Greater Toronto
  • Canada

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16+ years

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Advocacy Board Service Corporate Volunteerism & Engagement Diversity and Inclusion Event Planning Family Volunteering Poverty & Homelessness Skills-Based Volunteering Training Volunteer Management Youth Development

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Health & Well-Being Immigrant & Refugee Services International Issues Youth Development

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Recent Comments

May 19, 2021

Thanks Sue - As always your writing hits home. 

It will be one year since George Floyd passed away next week and I suspect there will be many "here's what did in the last year to address antiracism"posts as well as some panicked calls from groups who know they didn't follow through and are looking for a quick win.

Any tips on how to respond as a leader of volunteers who receives those dirty.icky.gross calls/emails?

Jun 10, 2020

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