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VQ Volunteer Strategies is a leading provider of high-impact volunteer engagement solutions designed to help organizations raise their VQ – or volunteer quotient. Volunteer Quotient is an organization’s ability to leverage volunteer talent to increase its impact. Through training, coaching, consulting, and assessments, we help organizations maximize existing resources, unlock their potential, and achieve mission by integrating volunteer engagement as a core strategy.

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Animal Support & Welfare Arts, Culture & Humanities Disaster Education & Literacy Health & Human Services Immigrants & Refugees Military & Veterans Services Nonprofit Capacity Building Senior Services Skills-Based Volunteering or Pro Bono Volunteer Management

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Capacity Building Strategies Consulting & Advisory Services Impact Measurement Organizational Sustainability & Strategy Program/Strategy Design Speaking & Presentations Thought Leadership Training Development and Execution

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Volunteer Management Capacity Building COVID-19

Getting a Seat at the Leadership Table

As a leader of volunteers, you sit at a lot of tables. Recruitment tables. Registration tables. Potluck tables. The question is this: Do you have a seat at your organization's leadership table? Here are three tips to ensure you get a place at that table.

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Replying to Jess Whatley

Love this, thanks. When you write it all out, it seems like common sense, but it's definitely not something we do. Thanks for the template!

Thanks, Jess, for weighing in. I agree - even when I was writing it, it resonated as common sense, but sometimes we can benefit from a simple guide that demystifies a situation that often feels fraught with emotion or stress in order to realize that common sense can offer a path. Good luck!

Thanks, Sue, for once again helping us all frame the right questions to ask about our work and the ways the volunteers can drive mission forward.

Replying to Kristina Sherrett

This is so true. "Fatigue as a manifestation of loneliness." Great article to remind us to stay connected in a variety of ways. 

Thanks, Kristina! I appreciate the comment and feedback.

Replying to Cheryl Freeman

Good information - anticipating questions made me think deeper about planning.  Thank you!

Thanks for the feedback, Cheryl. Glad this sparked some thoughtful planning regarding communications. Good luck!

The information is good. We are in the middle of reopening. My experience is that it is a process of informing the volunteers, giving them time to consider their options, having the grace to let them change their minds, and being willing to keep asking. Circumstances change frequently in this season and people are all over the place in their level of comfort.

Thanks, Cynthia. I agree completely. Giving volunteers the space and "grace" as you put it to change their minds is so important during these ever-changing circumstances. I appreciate your perspective and experience!

Replying to DeniseNickel

Great information, direct and actionable.  Just what I needed. 

Thanks, Denise. So glad this gave you some ideas you can implement. Good luck!