Valerie Henderson

Travel Coordinator, Maricopa County Sheriff's Office
  • Maricopa County Sheriff's Office

Years in Nonprofit or Corporate Citizenship

16+ years

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Areas of Expertise or Interest

Advocacy Corporate Volunteerism & Engagement Diversity and Inclusion Education & Literacy Event Planning Family Volunteering Housing Human Resources Mental Health Poverty & Homelessness Skills-Based Volunteering Training Youth Development

Your Organization's Focus Areas

Advocacy Arts, Culture & Humanities Animal Support & Welfare Board Service Community Development & Revitalization Education & Literacy Employment & Workforce Development Environmental Services Health & Well-Being Legal Aid & Support LGBTQIA+ Military & Veterans Services Poverty & Homelessness Public Safety Senior Services Youth Development

Organization's Size (Employees)

76+ employees

Recent Comments

Jun 11, 2020

There were some very good points of connection or finding common ground for knowledge and experiences on both side of the spectrum.  Thank you     Valerie H