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Jayne Cravens is an internationally-recognized researcher, university lecturer, consultant and trainer. She is a pioneer regarding the research and practice of virtual volunteering, and she is a veteran manager of various local and international initiatives, including the United Nations. She has been quoted in articles in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and the Associated Press, as well as for reports by CNN, Deutsche Well, and the BBC. Resources from her web site, coyotecommunications.com, are frequently cited in reports and articles by a variety of organizations, online and in-print. She is currently based near Portland, Oregon in the USA.

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Jul 29, 2020

I loathe wage replacement rates as the measurement of volunteer value. Most organizations use this rate and the number of volunteers and the number of hours as the ONLY measure of their success. It gives fuel to interns to sue, for labor unions to fight against volunteer engagement, and for board members to say, "let's lay off so and so and replace that role with a volunteer or two!" Thank you for posting this. Here's my last blog on a related subject: http://coyotecommunications.com/coyoteblog/2020/05/out-of-work-professionals-pushing-back-against-volunteer-engagement/

Jul 26, 2020

Before doing any of these, first ask nonprofits what they really want and need! Don't do any activities until you talk to them at length - too many are put in awkward situations when corporations start the conversation with, "Here's what WE want to do for you," especially when the activity isn't at all something that's a priority for them. Here's more advice regarding corporate-based virtual volunteering: http://www.coyotebroad.com/csr/corporatevv.shtml 

Jun 11, 2020

And also remember to consider online risks/online safety for volunteers. The massive jump in the number of organizations engaged in virtual volunteering warrants making sure safety policies and procedures extend online.