Susan Sanow

Special Projects Manager, Volunteer Fairfax
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Elena Sauca

Ms., Pro Vobis - National Resource Center for Volunteering

Julienne Springer

Volunteer Services Manager, Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

Volunteer Administrator

Volunteer Engagement Specialist, National Multiple Sclerosis Society

Carol Ayars, CVA

job hunting - Volunteer Coordinator in Nonprofit field, Job hunting!

I love to share my passion of volunteering with others. As a volunteer myself, I know what volunteers want and expect which makes me more passionate about what I do.
Peter P Jesella

Retired, Vietnam-era US Air Force Veteran

OK I am Viet-era Vet who joined USAF to avoid being drafted into Army, {after values choice thinking}. In 1979 learned of bill in Congress that would move 18th Birthdayday signup for draft to 17, for all youth, 1-year talk on #CivicEducation, & inspire them to do some volunteer service like @AmeriCorps/Military, or unpaid non-profit volunteerism. In USAF in 73, gas lines Yom Kipper War, made me realize US needed Youth Energy Corps, 79 could make it happen. For 40 years I have asked experts why not, 99.9% silence is reply, unclear why, after 9/11 started getting pics, 07 Time Mag did cover page on question of Natl. Service. OK? Last, in 2016 Sen. McCain got Congress to fund @Inspire2ServeUS review of @SSS_gov function, shared above info with them, got silence. H.R. 3464 is bill to expand @AmeriCorps , has 187 House Dem. cosponsors, but no hearings planned. Also, it talks about info to youth at 17th Birthday
Tejas Patel

Volunteer Fairfax