Conference Team

Organizer, Points of Light
  • Points of Light
  • United States of America
Leeanne Sacino

Executive Director, Florida Coalition to End Homelessness

Martesha Burrage

Founder, Social Good in Action, Inc.

Shannette Johnson

Executive Director , Soldier Girl Strong

Rianna Patterson

Founder, Dominica Dementia Foundation

Chase Hartman

Co- Founder, President of Jr. Board, Eco Brothers, Inc.

I am the Co-Founder of Eco Brothers, Inc. and read.repeat. In the past 5 years I have collected and donated 150,000 books and raised $58,000 to purchase dual-language books, books-with-diversity and high-interest books for students in Title 1 Schools. When I'm not focused on literacy I am working on environmental causes. I recruit students to help me with beach-cleanups, planting butterfly gardens, and upcycling used stuffed animals into pet toys for animal shelters.
Esha Venkat

Co-founder/COO, NEST4US

Hard-working and ambitious youth with a positive mindset and excellent leadership, collaboration, and organizational skills. My passion for service drives my determination to make a difference in the lives of others!
Edison Nicholson

CEO, Youth Leadership Institute of Erie

Christian Walden

Vice-President, PRISM FL, Inc.

I am the Vice-President of PRISM FL, Inc's Board Of Directors. PRISM FL, Inc. or PRISM is an LGBTQ+ non-profit organization centered in south Florida which holds 501(c)(3) status. Our mission is to provide LGBT youth, especially LGBTQ people of color, with accessible resources to empower the next generation of entrepreneurs, engineers, artists, politicians, and everything in-between.
Diana Rodriguez

Member at large PTO at Dolores Huerta International Academy, Dolores Huerta International Academy

Timothy Brien

Management and Program Anaylst, CBP

Melinda Stallworth

Coordinator, Alabama Governor's Office of Volunteer Services

Todd Edwards

Volunteer Management & Tour Coordinator, Henry Plant Museum

Lynn Lauritzen

Manager, PATH Volunteer Hub, PATH Foundation

Julie Riggs

Chapter Director, Blue Star Families

Crystal Brentzel

Community Resource Developer, Crim Fitness Foundation

Bethany E. Bultman

President and Co-founding. director, New Orleans Musicians Clinic&Assistance Fdn.

Overcoming health disparity to keep New Orleans' culture ALIVE
Daniel Weeden

Founder, USG1inc

David Burgmayer

Director, The Salvation Army