OCT 27 | Play Space Equity: Redefining Community Engagement and Reducing Barriers

Join us for our next Listen. Learn. Act. to End Racism conversation on October 27 at 1:00 PM ET.

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    Childhood can look radically different depending on your race, which impacts whether a child gets access to the things that are needed to live a healthy, joyful life. Play is the true work of childhood. Whether on the playground, in the classroom, at home or in the community, playing allows children and youth to explore their world, take risks, make mistakes and feel achievement. Through play, children develop critical social and cognitive skills, mature emotionally and gain confidence in themselves and their connection to community.

    Join Points of Light in a discussion led by KABOOM! and Morehouse College that defines what playspace inequity is, where it’s happening, and how communities are coming together to remove barriers and create access to quality spaces to play, learn and thrive.

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    Listen. Learn. Act to End Racism is a Points of Light initiative in partnership with Morehouse College that is designed to empower businesses, nonprofits and individuals to use their influence to fight against systemic racism. Visit our site for more information and conversations: https://www.pointsoflight.org/listen-learn-act-to-end-racism/ 

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