DIY How-to Guide: Cross-Cultural Volunteering

Kanyan Rabino & Hannah Wojno, Good Deeds Day & Ruach Tova
DIY How-to Guide: Cross-Cultural Volunteering

This workshop will explore what volunteering means in different cultures. Not everyone considers themselves a volunteer by definition and engaging people in different regions sometimes requires a different approach. Together, we’ll share perspectives and brief discussions in small groups, learn about three basic case studies of successful cross-cultural volunteering between organizations and people, and build the same volunteer project across different cultures. 

We’ll explore six steps to do before you begin, how to map partners, break down how we can work together on similar topics (applying the mapping exercise, and discuss stats and research on what is gained by cross-cultural volunteering. Finally, we’ll pinpoint the common objective in volunteering worldwide and learn how to engage with the SDGs.

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