Disney Family Volunteering Reward Program

Disney Family Volunteering Reward Program

Disney Family Volunteering Reward Program 

As our communities face COVID-19, the program is temporarily on hiatus. However, we are working to bring the magic back as soon as possible.  You can sign up to be notified when the program opens at www.pointsoflight.org/disneyrewards/ and read more about the program below.

About the Program:

  • Points of Light and Disney have a long-standing relationship and commitment to family volunteerism. In 2018, Points of Light released the “Global Volunteerism Journey Report” underwritten by The Walt Disney Company, a first-of-its- kind study that examines the similarities and differences in family volunteering from five countries around the world. Disney has also been a long-time sponsor of Family Volunteer Day, an annual day of service that takes place on the Saturday before Thanksgiving
  • In January 2018, Disney Parks collaborated with Points of Light to launch the Disney Family Volunteering Reward Program, which rewards eligible U.S. nonprofits and schools for hosting family-friendly volunteer projects with Disney Parks tickets.
  • The Disney Family Volunteering Reward Program allows nonprofits and schools to earn park tickets by volunteering in a family service project that helps the community. The number of tickets earned is based on the number of participants helping with each project.
  • Since launching two years ago, the Disney Family Volunteering Reward Program has mobilized nearly 1 million volunteers in family volunteer events hosted by more than 10,000 nonprofit organizations – nearly a quarter of which had no family volunteer experience before the program. More than 168,000 families have participated in 180,000 projects across all 50 states, generating over 4 million hours of volunteer service.

“We honestly had not thought of encouraging families to join us and help us with our event until I got your email. We have always reached out to high school and college kids who need the hours for classes or programs at their school. The atmosphere was so much more energetic with the family aspect added to the volunteering side. It opened our eyes to how much it can bring people more together when it is something they can share with the ones they love.” – Blake’s Miracle Foundation, Mesa, Arizona

Who Can Apply:

  • Schools and Nonprofits
  • Schools must have a valid EIN number or an NCES ID number
  • Non-profits must be a 501c3 and must have a valid EIN number

Project Requirements:

  • Minimum of 15 Volunteers (combination of Adults and Youth)
  • Must be a family volunteer project
  • Minimum of two (2) hours
  • Must have an approved application.


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