APR 17-23 | National Volunteer Week

The theme for National Volunteer Week is Celebrate Service – an opportunity to shine a light on the people and causes that inspire us to serve.
APR 17-23 | National Volunteer Week

National Volunteer Week #NVW is an opportunity to recognize and thank volunteers who lend their use their time, talent, voice and resources to meet the critical needs of our communities. Their stories serve to inspire others to take action, to realize their power to make a difference, and be a force that transforms the world. National Volunteer Week is a time to celebrate the impact of volunteer service on our communities. The local events, volunteer projects and social media conversations that take place during this week demonstrate that every individual has the power to make a difference, creating healthy communities in vibrant, participatory societies.

In conjunction with National Volunteer Week, Global Volunteer Month celebrates the power of people who tackle society’s greatest challenges and build stronger, more vibrant communities through volunteerism and everyday actions as well. Learn more here!

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