Leveraging Partnerships to Transform School Learning Environments

Have a lofty goal? Take a deeper look at public/private partnerships to enact collective change. This case study looks at how one organization rallied corporate and community organizations to create large-scale facility makeovers - often in just a day - by bringing the right partners together.

Partnerships leverage the strengths of individuals to create a more effective and sustainable outcome. Whether focused on program delivery, community revitalization, volunteer mobilization or a combination of all three, collaborations offer an opportunity for stakeholders to employ their strengths and play a direct role in outcomes. In short, larger tasks are made more feasible through collective efforts.

Creating significant, school-culture based change is a lofty task, yet nonprofit Heart of America (HOA) has become expert in coordinating stakeholders – from construction teams to corporate partners to make this possible. HOA has cultivated experience in educational design and a unique understanding of partnerships to address inequities in education and ensure all students are given the opportunities to succeed. Through public/private partnerships with sponsors large and small, the organization has engaged volunteers to transform 500 educational spaces across North America, many in as little as a single day. Unique, public-private partnerships like these make seemingly insurmountable projects possible. See the full case study below.

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